We are very excited and proud of the recent announcement of our partnership with Sazerac. We look very much forward to being able to service your account with their fantastic line up of brands and products in addition to our current portfolio. To assist in setting up your account please see the QR codes below. The first will assist you in the registering of your new account and the second will allow you to set up the most efficient payment option. Once your accounts is established, your sales representative or a member of our team will be in contact with you. They will also assist in setting up your online ordering portal access. We look forward to servicing your account and business partnership. This will ensure that you maintain control of your ordering and ensuring inventory availability for your consumers. We look forward to servicing your account and business partnership.


Kentucky Eagle is in the happy hour, long weekend, after 5 o’clock business. We are a family-built company, delivering the best beer, wine, and spirits come hell or high water. Our team works harder and longer, striving for excellence in everything we do. We are leaders in the industry. And we’re proud of it.

Our Products

Our portfolio includes a wide range of carefully selected beers, wines, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and even beer cheese. ​For a full list of our product line please click here.


A Family Tradition of Growth

For three generations, we have committed to reinvesting in an ever-changing industry in order to provide our customers the next, highest quality products with the best service possible.

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1500 + Retailers
80 + Suppliers
170 Employees
45 Trucks

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